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Life's struggles can be difficult for all of us. When you've been convicted of a crime and you're trying to rebuild your life, additional barriers you have to overcome can make these ordinary struggles seem insurmountable.

Many people simply don't know where to turn. Probation offices are understaffed and underfunded. State-mandated treatment programs are a shambles -- often little more than a beaurocratic money-mill. Offenders are often ostracised from society, and many don't know where to find help they need to get by in today's hectic world. Fortunately, there are people who have a desire to help others, and there are many resources available to those in need.

Wayward Sons is a ministry dedicated to supporting men who are in the community on supervision that have a desire to better themselves by living within the legal restrictions imposed on them, and to help connect them with resources they need to help overcome barriers and conquer issues which can seem overwhelming, allowing them to lead quality, productive lives in the community environment.

Wayward Sons tries to provide those in need with help and information in four main, interconnected categories:
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Legal Issues
  • Life Skills
Wayward Sons

August 24, 2016

Legal Issues
Life Skills

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